Accreditation : Xavier LOUP STUDIO
Art director : Xavier LOUP STUDIO
Architect : Tan Tik Lam
Landscape Architect : Xavier LOUP STUDIO

Destination : BEACH CLUB
Year : 2018
Land Space : 2.5 hectares





A major property development in Indonesia (hotels, offices, hospitals, residential buildings…) bought a plot of land in Uluwatu (a cliff area in South Bali) without coming up with a project for a long time. A renown Indonesian architect had already been choosen for the Bali branch of this company thought that maybe I could be a good addition to the team constituted to work on this project, so he introduced me. It turned out that we were a really good match and had many common interests and tastes.

The case-study subject is a very impressive 2.5 hectares land on top of a cliff with a 180° ocean view.
The initial idea was to make a venue to host weddings and events on a 1-hectare space. With a French architect based in Bali we reviewed the project plans and we felt that the different spaces allocation was neither appropriate nor optimized for what they wanted to do. The main architect agreed with our analysis and we made a new proposal that we presented together to the final client.
This presentation happened at the time of the opening of Omnia, a stunning 1-hectare ocean front “day and night” club with 3 clifftop swimming pools, 1 fine dining restaurant, bars, several DJ areas, that was a major business success in Bali. This type of venue has the major advantage of attracting people all year long just because of its lifestyle appeal and the hype it generates, whereas a “wedding and events only venue” is very specific and will see seasonal and punctual business only.
Our client was very interested by a model that could increase the appeal and the opportunities, hence the rentability, of his land. We worked on a new concept for him, that would utilize and give value to the whole property.
This concept was also a multi-function venue fully integrated and coherent with the site location and the local culture: a wedding and event venue and a daytime lifestyle space for families or friends, 2 swimming pools 1 being carved in the rock and appearing suspended, a sunset bar, 1 restaurant and a night scene all embedded inside the cliff.

The client’s feedback on this coherent and complete study was very positive, the place could become a truly Balinese destination on itself where guests could spend the whole day due to the variety of the life spaces offered. The case-study was very thorough with a concept, buildings architecture, functions, circulations, interior design and landscape.

Uluwatu has a very specific landscape, almost a complete opposite of Ubud. It’s an arid limestone cliff location facing the Indian Ocean. It evokes some iconic US Southwest’s desert locations such as Amangiri resort. The design line is to stay coherent with the natural site and local Balinese culture, not make another Ibiza style day club or beach club that could be anywhere in the world.
We worked a lot on the circulations from the drop-off at the entrance of the site. Our goal for this project is to bring fluidity to the visitors’ flow and to impart simplicity, a strong sense of being welcome in an exceptional venue with human, individual dimensions and something for anyone between the ages of 2 and 102!

From arrival guests will be guided towards the ocean and the circulation flow, limited to the southern side of the land, will allow for the 3 core parts (wedding / family / night life) of the venue to be uncluttered and undisturbed by guests coming and going.

The spectacular ocean view is showcased from the wedding barn’s glasshouse and onwards.
The further guests will advance in the land and the different parts of the project, the closer they will get to the beating heart of the project: a club + restaurant + bar embedded in the rock.

A specificity of the project is that we offered to use mostly materials already available on site: limestone slabs for the floor, a mix of spontaneous vegetation and chosen local grasses for the landscape. Neutral tones where the key here not to steal the show from the natural sites and the 4 functions each with their specific features and able to work by themselves and coherent at the same time.

A real surprise in the middle of the arid vegetation: a 2-parts air-conditioned greenhouse.This greenhouse will host High-Teas, Cocktails parties, Conferences, Events, Weddings.A central patio for trees storage when space is needed, space modulation and allocation.

This large open space located in front of the glasshouse features an indoor + outdoor bar with an outdoor terrace for events. This is the green lung of the project, designed as a decompression chamber before entering the swimming pools areas.This is a space available for outdoor events, garden parties and concerts.The ocean in bottom perspective provides depth to this space.$

This Pool Lounge area is the third place of life in this project.It revolves around a large 35 m x10 m suspended swimming pool.The whole place offers sunbeds and cabanas for VIP areas.This place is for families to spend the day, it also features a kid’s club, a simple restaurant and a bar.The orientation of the swimming pool allows guests to swim in front of the sea while taking-in the special mineral / rocky view of Uluwatu coast.Time stops around this pool, in the middle of the vegetation.Guests coming for a family day out will want to stay for sunset drinks. The restaurant is simple and country-style.The sitting areas are sheltered under wooden pergolas.An architectural blend with modern lines and rustic materials.

This last space remains the most impressive one.Facing the sea: the swimming pool and the club around it will be cut into the rock and look as if suspended.On arrival is an upscale restaurant with an adjacent bar (very cozy with limited seated and standing capacity).The rest of this space will be dedicated to the Club area: a mix of single and double sunbeds, under trees and sails.Guests are facing the sea, music is playing, finger food is available to be served pool side and eaten on the sunbeds. Depending on attendance and the general mood, the scene can switch from lounge to party at any time.To facilitate direct service to the club, kitchens have to be set underground.Changing rooms and showers will also be underground allowing guests to get ready for the evening and move on to the bar and restaurant dressed according to the specified dress codes. The Sky Bar is a double-skin sphere, a fresh and refined separate world.Guests will come here for drinks and to be seen.

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