Accreditation : Xavier LOUP STUDIO
Art director : Xavier LOUP STUDIO
Technical support : Diego KLAT
Landscape : Xavier LOUP STUDIO
Furniture manufacturer : Pt LOUTCHOU
Lighting : Piment Rouge
Image & Sound : SONTASTIC
Year : 2020
Land Space : 10 ares




This project started with my encounter with Ibu A, the owner of the property. We had a brilliant conversation about gardens and art among many other things we are passionate about. Then, she asked me to help her create a garden for her house in Bali, and that’s what I did.
We started with the garden in the perspective axis of the entrance. Then we worked on the living room connecting to the garden with a brand-new, decisively modern approach where inside and outside spaces are coherent and complementing each other. This first stage was supposed to be the whole mission.

Having been living more in their Bali house due to the Covid situation, the owners realized that their house could be so much better as a living space with a good design and well directed indoor / outdoor interactions. So, they asked me to redesign the whole space with the same concept and style.

The house is in Bali, in Denpasar residential district, with no views, but surrounded by enough space to enjoy outdoors views from all the indoor living areas.

I first worked on the garden at the end of perspective axis. From the dining room there was a direct view on that space, before I worked on it, this garden was empty, one tree, grass and a few potted plants, it was a playing area for the couple’s 3 children.
I wanted to turn it into something visually very strong, viewed by different angles from the living room, the kitchen, the master suite and also as the perspective view from the entry hall. Straight away the idea came to me to place a 6 x 3 meters mirror on the back wall of the garden, reflecting the garden itself and giving it a really impressive depth and presence, it almost feels like the living room is inside the garden!

The owners possess a unique Indonesian art collection with several hundreds paintings, most of them in storage. The idea came fairly quickly to have the house double up as an Art Gallery, for them and for visitors to enjoy the great collection they have assembled over the years.

The color palette had to be very fresh, light, soft, pastel colors for the indoor living spaces connected to outdoor spaces (via patios or gardens) as the shades of the plants of course aesthetically influence the perception of indoor spaces. We decided to neutralize walls and door frames by painting them off-white, a color that will work with the gallery style lighting for the paintings too. Lighting is a big challenge here, it needs to be versatile, fit for art viewing (as in a gallery or a museum) and at the same time fit for a home!

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